Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where y'all from?...

"Where y'all from?" is like the second most asked question when meeting someone new in the southern part of the good ol' U S of A.  We love to know where you are from in case we might know someone from the same small town or county. It's an instant connection and can offer more to talk about if there is any gossip to share. Only good natured gossip, of course like who's married to who or who is having babies or got a terrible new hair color... bless her heart.

Since we love to talk about where we're from TVD thought offering a collection of state souvenir plates was a natural fit for southern get-togethers. (I'm hosting a road trip themed couples shower for my baby sister in a few weeks and this collection will be the star of the show! I'll share more about that later.) Use these beauties as table markers... Table New York or Connecticut for your fiance's Yankee cousins, Alabama or Louisiana for your SEC college friends and Hawaii to hint to the folks where you'd like to honeymoon.

If nothing else, they will be conversation starters and the simply urge the question... where y'all from?

State Souvenir Plate Collection


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  1. So fun! I think this is such a cool collection and I bet it will get used a lot! I'm in love with that yellow rose of Texas plate!