Friday, March 16, 2012

Char-chee-char and a jiggity-jig...

I woke up this morning feeling lucky... lucky to be alive, lucky to be in a warm, safe home full of people, pets and things I love and lucky to know that in just 24 short hours I would be spending a wonderful spring day with my dearest friends. Drinking green beer on the front lawn of prime "M Streets" real estate and heckling those not-so-lucky folks who have to park and walk to the biggest block party of the year in the Big D. Since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day I'm going to attribute the unexpected stroke of luck I was gifted today to the luck of the Irish. That and the fact that some day soon I will have the last name McGeeney. 

This is the future Mr. He's much taller in person.

After a great lunch with my dad I was headed to work on some things for TVD and I spotted an estate sale sign. I can not bypass an estate sale. It's against my nature. The sale was tucked back in a unique little cove of patio homes just north of Downtown. These properties were built in the late 1970's and 80's and aren't much to look at so I wasn't really expecting much from the sale. Good thing because I was a bust. But here's where that Irish luck comes in. As I was leaving the neighborhood I saw a sign for a moving sale and decided to stop in. I'm not a big moving/garage/yard sale fan because they typically aren't selling the things I'm looking for.  The garage to this property was open so I started there and found the find of all finds...

This silver ice bucket for $0.10!!! Ten freaking cents!!!

I also got 3 apothecary jars, 5 antique ink wells, 2 vintage tea canisters, a Pyrex measuring cup, 2 corked spice jars, a bone china saucer and a tiny cobalt blue vase all for $0.10 each.  That's a whopping $1.60.  Talk about finding a pot of gold! Err... silver.

I hope some of my luck rubs off on you this weekend and beyond. Have a very happy, safe and fun St. Patrick's Day! Erin go Bragh! 

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  1. That's so cool! I miss estate/garage sales so much! We have to go to some when I'm home this summer.