Monday, June 25, 2012

Paging Dr. Stegeman...

A wedding was not the only thing we celebrated this past month. Lizzy's remarkable boyfriend, Etienne finished med school in Holland. This dude is such a dream! He took his last class and almost immediately jumped on a plane and traveled over 12 hours to make it to town in time to work his tail off helping prep for Bev's big day.

I didn't want this huge accomplishment to be overlooked so I planned a little surprise dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Matt's El Rancho in Allen. E thought we were just meeting up for a family dinner as we do everytime he and Liz come back to Texas. Well, when he walked in he was suprised to see family and friends, a cake, a gift and us all in costume.

E in his lab coat and his "staff" in scrubs.

Definitely deserves that Shiner.

"Examining" his gift.

This might be my new favorite cake, Strawberry Sheet Cake

Me and sweet Avery

Congrats E!  We are all SO proud of your huge accomplishment!


  1. Thank you soooo much for putting this surprise party together Ang!!! It was so special and fun! I loved our outfits!!! Such a funny idea! And that cake is phenomenal! Etienne is still "researching" which tablet he finds sufficient, but I'm sure he'll be enjoying one eventually...typical haha ;)

  2. Hmpf, Lizzy just beat me to posting a comment... typical! ;)

    I think this was my first surprise party experience... and I loved it!! Thanks so much again, it was amazing! And if I ever need some Vintage Scrubs... I know who to call! :)