Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't Tell Me, You Went to High School Together...

I am often teased that I must have gone to high school with at least half the population of Texas for how often I run into people from my alma mater. It's beyond coincidence, really.

The best example...
- 2004: Apartment hunting in NYC at an open house with my roommate from Pittsburgh and our broker. I comment on how amazing it would be to have a "real" closet when from the living room a voice shouts "Angie Parker? Is that you?" Why yes it is! A girl who graduated a year after me is looking at the same apartment, at the same time in a city of over 8 million people and 1,500 miles away from my home town. (Side note : We got the apartment and the closet was amazing. The air mattress I slept on for a year was not.)

The most recent example...
- 2012:  A few months ago my girlfriends, Miley and Caroline of  Easy Slider Food Truck told me about a bridal market they had been invited to participate in... The Swoon Event. These two are complete dolls and have been SUPER supportive of The Vintage Dish (TVD) and encouraged me to look into the event. I finally got around to emailing the event coordinator and wouldn't you know it... I went to high school with her!

Well, I signed up and TVD is an official vendor. The Swoon is going to be an amazing bridal market featuring local businesses offering products and services geared towards weddings and all things bridal. I couldn't be more thrilled that my first market is with great friends from Easy Slider and MHS.  Go Lions!

March 24, 2012
4pm - 9pm

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