Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Beginning...

It’s hard to say when my love for all things vintage began but it’s impossible to miss where I get it from.  In my family there are a few things that ring true through 3 generations of women…

We like our men tall, thin and goofy; our tea iced and sweet; and we LOVE to “junk”.
In our clan “junking” involves scouring estate sales, thrift stores, flea markets and anywhere else forgotten treasures can be found.  These treasures are then cleaned, used, repurposed, gifted and basically given another chance at greatness. We don’t have actual proof but are pretty certain it’s a genetic condition passed down from mother to daughter. (My future husband, not technically my fiancé yet but I will let you know the second he pops the question, is praying for only male children to stop the madness.) The basic symptoms of the “condition” are the same but the form in which it presents itself can be different… my mom and I are into dishes and linens, my youngest sister is a retro lighting enthusiast, my aunt can’t pass up a vintage bag or dress and my grandmother is all about  antique furniture.

With an antique store, consignment shop, vintage clothing boutique and estate sale services shared amongst them my grandmother, mom and aunt have all successfully built and run businesses that were fed buy our “condition”.  The Vintage Dish is my jump into the family business. It was born out of the desire to style a vintage inspired wedding for myself and grew, with the encouragement of friends and family into an opportunity to share my bevy of beauties with brides and hostesses wanting to create a memorable, eclectic, vintage aesthetic for that special gathering.
Welcome to The Vintage Dish… DISHES!  I’m thrilled you’re here and I hope you will come back often.


  1. I have a similar condition, but limited to accessories/swag from the 1980s to early 90s. Thus, I will need to hire "The Vintage Dish" for all upcoming parties, since an Alf face on a dish just doesn't say "shower". Do you have anything that compliments the cabbage patch variety?

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    2. The sad thing is that 80's swag is border line vintage. We are old.

      No cabbage patch patterns but I'm certain we can come up with something that will work beautifully for your shower. Can't wait to plan it with you.