Monday, July 23, 2012

A spot of tea...

Or coffee or mousse or cupcakes or berries and cream or flowers or succulents or ice cream or... The list of creative ways to use teacups and saucers for your next party is basically endless! I started thinking about all the ways these gorgeous little vessels could be used after TVD provided 30 for a baby shower this past weekend. They served lemon mousse in the mismatched tea cups which I think is genius! I told the hostess I thought so and also told her I was totally going to rip off the idea for the next baby shower I host which just so happens to be the first weekend of August.

Here are some great photos for inspiration and also a few pics of a small portion of TVD's teacup collection. (We have about 120 cup and saucer pairs)

Lemon Mousse in Teacups

DIY Succulent Teacup Favors 
Cupcakes IN Teacups

Country roses in vintage teacups from Style Me Pretty
From the TVD collection...

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